I was going to do my weekly Project Runway post tonight, but it’s Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) so I felt like I needed to do a post relating to that instead. The best part about the Jewish New Year is (besides the food and a day off from work) is that I can make New Years resolutions for myself before December 31st. Read on to check out what my resolutions are.  Continue reading

Project Runway 15: Episode 2

Back to the Runway we go and the designers took their first trip to Mood, yay for regular materials! We finally got to see how they do with some actual fabric, saw the drama build up in the workroom, and the guest judge was one of my faves (heyyyy Nina Dobrev). As I did last week and will do for the rest of the season, I’m going to give my thoughts on each designer and the looks they sent down the runway. Continue reading

TBTV: all about the revival

Yesterday it was announced that Fuller House (the Full House revival Netflix series) will be returning for its second season on December 9th. Netflix is also home to the highly anticipated (at least by me) Gilmore Girls revival, and we return to Stars Hollow at the end of November. Revivals are everywhere lately, there’s Girl Meets World on Disney Channel (I’ve seen an episode while babysitting, it still has that Boy Meets World charm), MTV turned the 80’s film Teen Wolf into a series, and CBS is rebooting MacGyver this fall. And who can forget when The CW brought back 90210 and Melrose Place! I haven’t even listed all of the ones that are out there, but I am going to list the shows I want to see revived. Continue reading

Red Carpet Roundup: 2016 Emmy Awards

So there was a lot of tv to watch last night. I had to choose between, RHONJ, Sunday Night Football, The JonBenét Ramsey special, and the Emmys! The awards won, no pun intended. What didn’t win for me was the red carpet. I didn’t find too many looks that I was crazy for, and I really wish Joan Rivers was around to rip everyone to shreds. No one can do it quite like  her, so I’m just gonna share who’s looks I liked, and one that I couldn’t stand.  Continue reading

The Trendsition

If you’re anything like me, this time of year drives you crazy. Everyone claims it’s Fall  but you walk outside and it still feels like Summer. No, this is not another pumpkin rant, but how do you dress during this time of year? It’s too warm to break out the full Fall wardrobe of boots, sweaters, and scarves, but who wants to wear their summer wardrobe anymore either? I haven’t quite perfected how to dress for this short time of year, but I have begun to crack to code in what I call the Trendsition.

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